Welcome the ANDT blog!

When ANDT began, our two main goals were to advocate for neurodivergent rights in counselling and psychotherapy and also to increase the visibility of neurodivergent therapists in our profession.

We have created this blog space to offer a platform for neurodivergent therapists to speak about their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of colleagues, clients and society. Attitudes to neurodivergence are shifting, but discrimination and misinformation still exist – we hope this space becomes a means to challenge false assumptions and to place neurodivergent therapists at the front and centre of neurodivergence knowledge and practice in the therapeutic professions.

Although this orgnaisation is run primarily by UK-based counsellors and psychotherapists, and much of our work is focused on this area, we welcome contributions on this page from neurodivergent therapists worldwide, including counsellors, psychotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, mental health workers and those in allied professions who may have a useful perspective for our community.

In addition to our blog, we will be developing a quarterly e-newsletter and welcome submissions, including articles on neurodiversity, art, poetry and even videos, which we can upload to our YouTube channel and provide a link to in our newsletter.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.

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