About Us

We are a non-profit organisation run by a group of neurodivergent therapists, primarily, but not exclusively in the UK and Ireland. Our aims are to advocate for, and increase the visibility of neurodivergent therapists, challenging ableism and letting neurodivergent therapists and clients know – we are here!

What is Neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence is having a neurological difference which means we think, process or sometimes act differently to the neurotypical ‘norm’. Neurodivergence is not lesser than neurotypicality, it is simply different. Neurodivergence includes (but is not limited to) Autism, ADHD, Tourettes syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Neurofirbromatosis.

What do we do?

Since our inception in spring 2021, we have supported neurodivergent therapists in a variety of ways, including writing letters of support to training institutions and membership bodies, advertising neurodivergent-led training through our social media channels, and supporting neurodivergent therapists to set up peer-led meet-ups. We have also put neurodivergent clients in touch with neurodivergent therapists, and supported the neurodivergent community by challenging ableist statements in a national newspaper. If you are a neurodivergent therapist and you feel you could use support from us, or if you have any ideas for causes we could support, please get in touch. If you would like to support our work by making a donation, please click here.

What are our Values?

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