ANDT Organisational Ethos

Our ethos is always in evolution and we welcome member-input. Here is the current iteration of our ethos:

1. We support and advocate for the rights of neurodivergent therapists and clients to receive appropriate, inclusive and neurodivergent-affirmative support from counselling, psychotherapy and all psychological professions.

2. We advocate for neurodivergent-led training and literature on topics connected with working with neurodivergence in therapy: “Nothing about us, without us”.

3. We support ‘identity first’ language or personal preference (e.g. “Autistic person” rather than “Person with autism”) unless the individual being spoken about prefers the latter.

4. We support and welcome self-diagnosis.

5. We oppose Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

6. We are a Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (GSRD)-affirmative organisation.

7. We are an antiracist organisation.

8. We are an anti-ableist organisation

9. Our ethos is in evolution, and we invite input and discussion from members and allied organisations on an ongoing basis.