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My name is Dr Helen Gowling. I am a HCPC registered neurodivergent Clinical Psychologist. I have a passion for helping people overcome their difficulties and reconnect with their strengths.

After working as a sole practitioner under Nebula Psychology Services, I have now set up my new practice, The Divergent Space Ltd, with fellow neurodivergent clinical psychologist, Dr Becky Hull.

Together we are passionate about creating a neurodiversity affirmative service that is tailored to your needs as an individual. Both myself and Becky have spent many years developing our skills and experience working with neurodivergent adults within a variety of contexts.

Whether it is for an autism assessment, or 1 to 1 therapy sessions we aim to work with you to collaboratively develop a shared understanding of your strengths, differences and challenges.

We can see people face to face in West Yorkshire and offer remote sessions for people who live across the UK.
We are always happy to answer any questions so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Email: info@thedivergentspace.co.uk
Website: www.thedivergentspace.co.uk

Erin Stevens http://www.erinstevens.co.uk

I’m Erin, I’m an autistic therapist, in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and online, and I am a co-founder of ANDT. Working with neurodivergent people has become an accidental specialism for me – it just seems to have happened this way, and I’m happy it has.

At the core of my practice is the philosophy that the therapy is a collaborative endeavour, and your views and needs are crucial in shaping how we work together. I will always be as clear as I can about what I do, and why, and I always welcome questions about my work.

Your whole self is welcome in therapy with me – neurodivergent clients often need to move around, stim, fiddle, or sit somewhere different – all of this is fine, and I invite discussion about anything you might need from me to make therapy more accessible to you.

I have significant experience of working with people who have experienced harmful and/or abusive previous therapy; if this is the case for you, I will work to create the space for you to explore your experiences in whatever way works best for you. More information about how I work with people who have been harmed in therapy is available here.

My practice is currently full and operating a waiting list.

Andy Whitehouse


I have been working with people experiencing unhappiness in all sorts of ways for many years and never yet come across anyone who’s distress or anxiety or sadness didn’t make sense once we had talked about it for a while. Every individual is different and special but we have  in common the need to be heard, recognised, valued and understood. As a person-centred counsellor those four things are at the heart of my practice. Whatever your concern or difficulty, sharing what is on your mind and in your heart in a safe space is the start of healing and self acceptance. I am neurodivergent and there is a significant level of neurodivergence in my family. I work online and by phone as well as face to face from premises in Ilkley. 

Laura Seward MBACP (Snr Accred) Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults, Children and Young People https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellor_26010.html

My name is Laura (She/ Her) and I am a humanistic/ relational/ integrative psychotherapist, play therapist and clinical supervisor with 15+ years experience. Specialist areas include trauma, abuse, bereavement and neurodiversity. My core training is person-centred therapy though I draw from numerous theories including neuroscience, existentialism, mindfulness, somatic therapy and breath work. I moved to the UK as a teen, and my experience navigating CAMHS and other mental health services, as well as my personal healing process, largely informs the way I work. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and self-recognised neurodivergent (ADHD).

I work with neurodivergent people who are pre/ post diagnosis, curious and questioning, self-identifying as well as neurotypical people at any part of their journey. Neurodivergent people may feel misunderstood/ ostracised/ lack sense of belonging, the systems/ institutions set up to guide often compounding these feelings. Therapy may be about unravelling and healing from such experiences. The kind of therapeutic relationship and approach required is different for each person and can change with time, so openness, curiousity and collaboration are at the heart of my practice, the aim being to establish sensory, social, emotional and relational safety.

Sessions can be online (International or UK), in person at my Sheffield-based therapy room (near M1), walk and talk: sessions are usually weekly, but frequency and duration can also be individually tailored. I offer a free 20-30 minute initial phone call (or text/ email chat) to discuss options, ask questions and generally get a sense of our connection.
Email: Lseward5@aol.com or Text/ call: 07966-638-333
I aim to respond within 48 hours, and if I have no space I will aim to help find someone appropriate who does.

My name is Fiona Hutchings. I am neurodivergent and a BACP registered and accredited psychotherapist.


I have been working alongside people in supportive roles for over 20 years now and for more than half that time as a therapist. I have a wealth of lived and professional experience of working with neurodivergent clients of all ages, however you are the expert on you. I don’t assume I know how life is going for you.

In private practice I see adults aged 18+ online. There are spaces available on Mondays and Thursdays. My previous experience includes working with clients with both diagnosed and suspected ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and brain injury. Although I can’t and don’t diagnose neurodiverse conditions, I have supported clients when requested in seeking professional assessments.

Your session is your space and we will use it in a way that feels as comfortable and helpful as possible. I offer both shorter and long term work depending on your needs.

Katie Andrews MBACP


Fed up of feeling excluded? 

Feeling like you are the only person in the world with your thoughts, feelings or behaviours can leave you feeling pretty lonely and isolated from society making a perfect breeding ground for depression and anxiety, it can make you constantly question your identity and leave you comparing yourself to others around you.

Talking about how you experience the world can alleviate your negative feelings about yourself; freeing up space for more positive feelings to come forward, enabling you to feel less trapped/suffocated.  

My name is Katie and I am multiple neurodivergent working remotely from York with experience supporting people who are self or medically diagnosed or just exploring the thoughts of neurodivergence. 

I help you to understanding who you are and help to alleviate some of the difficult feelings you may be experiencing, enabling you to grow in confidence to make the changes you want in your life. 

I have experience working with people and their families struggling with differences as well as abandonment trauma, pre/postnatal depression and feelings of anger/rage.

I aim to support/adapt to any additional needs that can help you to feel at ease when entering therapy. I welcome all questions and queries so please get in touch and ask for what you need with the knowledge I will do my very best to support you.

Jo Poole


I aim to help you to unpack some of the stuff you carry around. I imagine a big, old rucksack that has maybe got really heavy – it might be causing you to not live your best life. I will help you unpack it when you are ready to do so, then we can examine the contents together. There may be stuff in there you want to keep, stuff you don’t want anymore – we will only really know when we examine it. When we know what is causing you joy, pain, sadness, fear, and anger… you can choose what you want to keep, and what you don’t. 

You decide what to keep carrying, and what to discard.

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